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Sajo is committed to hygienic safety of foods to bring satisfaction to each and every one of our customers.

The CI expresses SAJO Group셲 combined power symbolized by a red sun having a powerful presence over the blue sea, which has been our source of growth over the years.  The six powerful sunrays symbolize SAJO셲 advancement into the six continents  eholding vast global markets. It expresses SAJO Group셲 drive to march into the bigger world. The CI expresses SAJO Group셲 mission to advance from a leader of the maritime and fisheries industries into a global leader involved in all fields of food processing and distribution.

The logo expresses the sun powerfully presiding over turbulent waves. The six rays represent the six continents that comprise vast global markets and symbolize SAJO Group셲 will to march into the bigger world. / The watermark expresses SAJO Group셲 everlasting prestige and reliability.

SAJO Red (or PANTONE 1805 C) / CMYK : / RGB : 217.0.0, SAJO Blue (or PANTONE 2766 C) / CMYK : / RGB : 8.22.78