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Sajo Daerim is committed to fresh and clean foods. Scope of Business by Sajo Daerim

The history of Sajo Daerim that embarked on the fishing business in the Korean sea in the 1960s equals that of the Korean fishing industry. The fleets of Sajo Daerim were formed across the five oceans and, in 1977, when the exclusive economic zones were declared to a distance of 200 nautical miles. Sajo Daerim overhauled the fishing business method by paying fishing fees to the neighboring countries. As of 2011, Sajo Daerim has four major fleets including the northbound joint trolling fleets for pollacks, exclusive fleets for tuna fishing, and the commercial bottom longliners for cods near the Russian waters.

SMost notably, we have secured the stable fishing quota with Russa via joint businesses for the first time in Korea from 2001 as the solid mainstay of Korea셲 fishing industry. For more information on Sajo셲 fleets, please see below. Tuna tlongliners : Sajo Daerim operates the world셲 largest Sajo fleets in the international waters of the central Pacific Ocean and a country in the Pacific Ocean. Pollack trolling fleets : Sajo Daerim is the unbeatable number one company in Pollack troll fishing, which occurs at the Sea of Okhotsk and the West Behring Sea. Commercial bottom longliners for cods : Sajo Daerim is the only company in the field to possess the commercial bottom longliners for cods. We are entitled to the fishing quota consented between the government of Korea and Russia. These longliners are found in the West Behring Sea.

Type : Sajo Daerim, Tuna longliners : 6 ships, Pollack trolling fleets : 2 ships, Commercial bottom longliners : 2 ships, Total : 10 ships