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SAJO DAERIM is committed to fresh and clean foods.

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Ever since the inception, Sajo Daerim has continued to grow as the company specializing in acquiring and processing of fishery resources. In May 1964, we stepped forward in reserving more foreign currencies through exports of fishery resources. Furthermore, we dedicate our efforts to development and supply of a variety of frozen and refrigerated foods to contribute to healthy dietary life of Koreans. The company name was then changed to 쁃aerim Fishery, implying we will become the sustaining forest  (鸚㎪옑) of the Korean economy. In 2006, Daerim Fishery was affiliated with Sajo Group to be renamed as Sajo Daerim. As of now, Sajo Daerim has maximized synergy effects and completed the economy of scale via integrated administration of the fisheries sector in Sajo Group to be firmly positioned as the household name in the Korean fishing industry. We keep moving forward as a general foods company with competitiveness.

We were the first to adopt the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), the latest hygiene control system, in the industry. Besides, we have introduced a daily delivery system to provide fresh and hygienically safe foods more quickly to our customers. We셶e been able to retain the number one spot in the trolling sector through integration with Sajo Group which has the world셲 largest fleet for tuna fishing. Meanwhile, we made diverse efforts to secure stably supply lines for our customers by acquiring the fisheries company in Russia and constantly expanding the fishing quota worldwide. This has resulted in continued stable supply lines for fishery products on our part despite overfishing and deprivation of fishery products. In this regard, we make concerted efforts to prevent the fishery resources from being depleted. Other than that, Sajo Daerim has achieved vertical integration in the fields of fodders, breeding, as well as production, processing and retailing of pork and fowl to streamline the livestock business that Sajo Group undertakes to further solidify our indisputably leading position in Korea셲 fishing and livestock industries.